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We offer a complete line of slicing, waterjet cutting, and sorting equipment to meet your portioning needs. Our modular and fully integrated systems allow us to keep pace with your changing needs. Produce portions, nuggets, chunks, strips, fat trimmed, and fat-free products efficiently and accurately - all on one DSI Portioning System. Product changeover is as fast as the push of a button.

Boneless input product is loaded on a conveyor and scanned with an automated vision system that determines key attributes for each piece. DSI software selects a cut strategy that maximizes yield for each piece, and cutting takes place via a horizontal slicer blade or a vertical ultra-thin stream of high-pressure water. When compared to manual portioning, a staff of about nine typically replaces dozens of laborers with knives or scissors.

DSI hardware and software is continually refined. More than two decades after creating the first system, the DSI product line continues to provide food processors with ever-improving portioning capability and flexibility.

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