Filling and Closing


We offer a broad range of technologies to fill and close pumpable or free flowing products in rigid and semi-rigid containers. Our fillers and closers handle metal or composite cans, glass jars, plastic tubs and plastic or glass bottles. Our fillers and closers are renowned for their heavy duty design and construction, advanced hygienic design and easy clean-ability, high operating efficiency and operator safety. Our solutions provide the optimal combination of product quality and product safety to allow you to produce at the lowest per unit cost.

We offer filling and closing solutions for:

  • Jams and sweet spreads in glass jars
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL) dairy products or juices in plastic or glass bottles
  • Sauces and baby food in glass jars or metal cans
  • Sauces and dressings in plastic or glass bottles
  • Shelf stable milk or dairy products in metal cans
  • Spirits in glass bottles
  • High value powders in metal or composite cans (closing only)
  • Dairy and non-carbonated beverages in metal cans or bottles
  • Edible oil in plastic or glass bottles
  • Tuna in cans

Trusted Brands

  • The capability to supply integrated rinsing/decontamination, filling, and closing solutions
  • A broad range of filling technologies: weight filling, volumetric filling, level filling, vacuum filling
  • Minimum product give-away and product spill
  • High operating efficiency, minimum downtime
  • Superior hygienic design
  • Automatic CIP or WIP
  • Global service and support

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