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Citrus Processing | JBT FoodTech With over 75% of the world’s citrus juices produced with our technology, JBT is recognized globally as the leader in citrus processing solutions.

Our renowned Citrus Extractor is the heart of any citrus processing system; however, we provide solutions for virtually every part of the citrus production process: fruit storage, receiving and handling, juice room equipment, citrus pulp processing, not-from-concentrate production, frozen concentrated juice production, peel/waste processing and more. From beginning to end, we’re with you right down the line.

With JBT you can be sure that you can achieve the optimal balance to meet your yield, quality and throughput goals while ensuring food safety, extending the shelf-life of your products and producing at the lowest possible per unit cost.

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  • One-stop shop for all citrus processing equipment needs
  • Worldwide sales and service network in all key citrus processing markets
  • Global team dedicated to providing world-class customer support
  • State-of-the-art process control systems
  • Wide breadth of solutions for end-product needs
  • Unparalleled process know-how

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