XVision™ CCPX™ Clean and Bulk™

Our XVision CCPX Clean and Bulk units have made post freezer and bulk flow X-ray contaminant detection simple. With our industry leading CCPX technology, JBT XVision systems are simple to maintain and operate. Our modular plug-and-play source, processor and control modules reduce cost of ownership and allow for unsurpassed uptime.  With operator controls that simplify training, XVision will stay on specification longer offering the best protection available for your customers and brand. 
  • Application optimized software to detect bone, buckshot, stainless steel ferrous, non-ferrous metals, stone and glass
  • Wide product application - protein, bakery, fruit and produce
  • Equal stainless steel and ferrous metal detection performance
  • Many rejection options - Retractable Nose, Air Blast, Bulk Flap or Push Arm
  • IP69K design, high-pressure washdown
  • No external cooling required if production area is below 50°F (10°C)
  • Variable speed conveyor to match existing line speeds – 609mm (24 in.) wide
  • Internal cooling and condensation protection system to extend component life
  • High throughput up to 22680kg/hr. (50000 lbs./hr.) depending on product and line configuration

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