Sterideal® HX SteriCompact UHT Sterilizer

Sterideal HX SteriCompact - UHT Sterilizer | JBT FoodTech
Our SteriCompact is based on JBT’s globally successful UHT system, the Sterideal® HX. Dairy producers worldwide embrace the JBT F&DS UHT concept for its robustness, resulting product quality, ease of operation and favorable TCO. The unique helical configuration of concentric tubes ensures effective thermal treatment combined with efficient heat recovery and optimal product handling. The tubular in-flow processor is used for pasteurizing and sterilizing dairy products, juices and higher viscosity products like tomato sauces and desserts.
  • Coil design saves energy costs compared to traditional heat exchangers
  • Small footprint reduces floorspace requirements
  • Proven technology optimizes the taste and shelf-life of end products
  • Robust homogenizer design ensures low maintenance costs over entire lifespan

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