Stein GCO II GYRoCOMPACT® Self Stacking Oven

Our Stein GCO GYRoCOMPACT II Self-stacking belt spiral oven is the latest generation of forced convection spiral ovens from the company that introduced the first and most sanitary high capacity spiral oven system.  Based on the innovative self-stacking FRIGoBELT® conveyor system, the GCO-II builds on the key features that made the GCO oven the highest capacity and most hygienic high temperature spiral oven in the world, while incorporating the latest in oven design and thermal processing technology. 
  • Designed for full cooking a wide variety of coated and uncoated products that require longer cook times to achieve the desired attributes.
    High capacity in a small footprint
  • Generation II Vertical air flow with two variable speed circulation (VFD fans and Dynamic Air Control (DAC) for reversible up or down airflow to optimize product results whether coated or uncoated product
  • Hygienic self-stacking stainless steel FRIGoBELT  with variable mesh pitch for excellent cooking results and ease of sanitation. 

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