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Our Cold Break system generates a thermal treatment that produces partial inactivation of the pectin enzyme activities and, as a consequence of this, syneresis, or the extraction or expulsion of a liquid from a gel, is augmented. The system has been specifically designed to gradually increase the temperature up to medium levels … from 60 to 70°C (140 to 158°F). As more time is given to the pectin enzymes to work on the fibers, the product remains fluid throughput the process.

If you are oriented to producing tomato juices and low viscosity sauces you should choose the Cold Break method which allows slower inactivation of enzyme activity and results in a less viscous end-product.
  • User-friendly
  • Temperature controller and indicator recorder with air-operated steam control valve
  • Includes: safety valve, automatic steam trap, thermometer and pressure gauge
  • End-product retains excellent flavor and color

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