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Four reasons producers switch to high pressure processing (HPP) machines.

High-pressure processing (HPP) with Avure machines maintains freshness and preserves natural flavors of juices, meat, fruits, and vegetables better than any other processing method. And because it just uses pressurized, pure cold water, it bypasses texture and taste variations caused by heat, irradiation or chemicals. Thanks to media coverage of HPP, or high pressure pasteurization, customers are hunting down these products in stores.
Big stories in the media about contaminated food, listeria and salmonella have put consumers on high alert about food safety. High pressure processing, which works on water pressure alone, has a unique ability to inactivate microorganisms without chemicals or preservatives.
Grocers and restaurants love HPP for extending the shelf life, and cutting waste. Now it’s possible for many fruit and vegetable products, like vacuum-packed avocados, to last up to 30 days.
For 60 years, Avure has installed more high pressure processing systems and more HPP food systems than all of our competitors combined. That accumulated knowledge counts for a lot in a field as specialized as high pressure processing.

Learn more about how HPP is used in the following markets: 

High pressure processing (HPP) gives consumers safe packaged fruit and vegetable products with fresh, just-prepared characteristics without additives or preservatives.

The products add consumer value by retaining the sensory qualities including taste, texture, color and nutritional content of the fresh-picked product. With HPP, you’ll have almost unlimited opportunities to create exceptional value-added products.

Tasty, healthy HPP.

HPP foods and beverages meet consumer demand for freshness, flavor, nutrition and safety – all without added chemicals or preservatives. And they keep healthy vitamins and enzymes that thermal processing destroys.

Make it safe with HPP.

High pressure processing inactivates harmful pathogens like salmonella, E. coli and listeria. Because HPP is applied in the product’s final packaging, it eliminates the risk of contamination with dangerous bacteria, which protects producers from costly recalls.

Longer shelf life. Greater profitability.

HPP dramatically extends the life of fruits and vegetables, which reduces spoilage, and increases profits. Subscribe to our e-newsletter, Avure HPP Bon Appétit, and keep an eye out for new ways to apply HPP.

Better by the batch.

Avure is committed to making our producers more efficient with every batch. Our HPP systems with higher throughput per hour make it easier to:

  • Eliminate post-processing contamination risks.
  • Inactivate pathogens in food and on package in the same operation.
  • Work with most plastic food packages, including cups, bags and stand-up pouches.

Garden Fresh, America’s #1 award-winning fresh salsa brand, knows a thing or two about whipping up all-natural dips that make your taste buds tango.

So to keep delicious crowd pleasers like spicy cilantro hummus, mango peach salsa and zesty guacamole safe to eat without heat or chemicals, the food manufacturer depends on Avure’s high pressure processing equipment.

Add pressure. Zap chemical additives and heat.

Tomato, onion, spices, garlic – a great salsa consists of just a few ingredients. HPP technology allows food manufacturers to serve up pure and simple dishes that consumers love.

HPP is a natural, pure cold-water process that subjects packaged salsa and guacamole to extreme pressures (up to 6,000 bar /  87,000 psi). It inactivates food-borne pathogens without the use of heat or artificial preservatives.

Load up flavor. Triple shelf life.

With high pressure processing, salsas and guacamoles stay fresher longer – in most cases it extends shelf life by more than three times. And by preserving healthy nutrients (often destroyed by heat pasteurization), foods prepared with HPP are healthier and taste better, too.

See HPP in action. Schedule a tour.

Want to see how Avure HPP can kick your food or beverage production into high gear? Schedule an on-site tour at one of our many tolling center locations around the globe. 

We’re squeezing new life into the HPP juice and beverage industry with high pressure processing.

Raise a glass with us. And learn how manufacturers serve up shelf-stable, natural fruit and vegetable juices that taste fresh off the orchard and farm without preservatives and additives.

Goodness in. Bacteria out.

By subjecting your favorite orange juice or kale mint celery smoothie to ultra-high pressures, Avure’s HPP food equipment gives pathogens, like salmonella, the 87,000-psi boot.

Unlike thermal pasteurization that strips juice and beverages of their nutrients, enzymes and probiotics, our pure cold-water process retains all the good stuff. Learn more about Avure’s HPP process.

New distribution opportunities with HPP juice.

Flavor isn’t the only reason manufacturers choose Avure HPP equipment. HPP juices and beverages last longer – up to 90 days depending on the packaging. That’s why our partners are taking over more shelf space, expanding production, increasing profits and seeing fewer returns. It’s a win-win for consumers, retailers and food producers.

Packaging options: the perfect blend.

It’s good to have options – especially in production. With HPP, juices and beverages can be processed in their final consumer packaging, or in large bulk bags.

By pressurizing and purifying drinks in their consumer packaging, HPP eliminates the need for sterilizing bottles separately. Most common plastic food packages can be used, including PET, PE bottles and stand-up pouches.

With bulk bags, producers with in-line production can use up the entire volume of the HPP machine and then send fresh juice to a juice bar or smoothie shop, for example. Also, bulk bags allow juice to flow, while keeping air and spoilage organisms out.

Avure HPP is carving up a name for itself in the meat industry.

From turkey cold cuts to ground chicken, manufacturers worldwide depend on our high pressure processing machines to prepare safe, natural and tasty HPP meat products that last up to twice as long without preservatives.

Other applications include meat tenderization, infusing meats with marinades and using HPP with bulk packaging to curb contamination between processing plants.

Protects consumers and brands from dangerous contamination.

With food safety always a prime concern in the meat industry, Avure HPP offers producers one of the most effective ways to serve safe, healthy foods without chemicals or heat. High pressure inactivates harmful and potentially deadly pathogens like E. coli, listeria and salmonella.

And because HPP processes meats in the final consumer package (vacuum and modified atmosphere packing), it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, and improves efficiency on the production line.

Consumers have a beef with chemicals.

Eaters are turning their backs to chemical additives and artificial preservatives at the deli and meat counter. HPP’s natural, pure cold-water process allows producers to create flavorful, clean-label foods that consumers crave. Learn how it works on our Why HPP page.

A selection of HPP meat offerings.

Here are just some of HPP applications for meat products:

  • Ready-to-eat meats (turkey, chicken)
  • Sliced and cured hams
  • Fresh ground beef, burger patties
  • Pre-cooked, heat-and-eat chicken and steak strips
  • Ground turkey
  • Raw steak, chicken and pork
  • Pepperoni
  • Hot dogs and sausages

HPP doubles the shelf life of meat products.

Consumers aren’t the only ones hunting down meats prepared with Avure HPP. With longer shelf life – up to two times longer than thermal processing – grocery chains and restaurants demand it to reduce meat spoilage and increase profits. Bring home the bacon!

Three square meals a day? Those days are history. Welcome to the grab-and-go-era powered by convenient, fresh and delicious HPP ready-to-eat (RTE) foods.

Guacamole snack packs. Barbeque chicken drumsticks. Shrimp and veggie stir-fries. With Avure’s highest throughput HPP systems, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to serve up quick-to-prepare RTE meals that last up to 90 days on shelves without additives.

An assortment of ready-to-eat meals.

Consumers love variety. From cold cuts to dips, Avure HPP meets demand with applications for nearly every RTE product.

  • Meal trays and meal packs
  • Wet salads
  • Soups and chowders
  • Pre-cooked grilled chicken and steak
  • Hummus, guacamole snack packs and other dips
  • Vegetable entrees with pasta, rice, meat or seafood
  • Cream and dairy-based spreads and toppings

Bursting with flavor without preservatives.

Consumers crave all natural foods that taste like they’re freshly prepared. Avure HPP can help you deliver. Using just cold water, our HPP machines help RTE products retain their original texture, color and healthy vitamins. It’s why HPP foods taste so delicious!

Avure makes RTE foods safer and last longer.

HPP subjects packaged RTE products to 6,000 bar (87,000 psi) to neutralize pathogens and extend shelf life by up to three times. By processing foods in the consumer package, our machines eliminate the risk of post-contamination to protect consumers – and your business.

Grow your business overnight.

Whether you’re in the market for HPP food equipment, or you’d use an Avure tolling center, we’ll get your RTE product to market quickly and efficiently. Talk to an Avure global team member, and learn how HPP can help expand your distribution overnight.

It’s time to retire the shucking knife and meet Avure’s AV-S. It’s the world’s fastest shucker of oysters, lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams and scallops.

With our high pressure processing, manufacturers are making waves in the seafood industry. Welcome to the deep end with Avure HPP, where production efficiency, freshness, taste and food safety rule.

Reel in 125% or more yield.

With pressure more than five times that of the deepest ocean, HPP separates 100% of lobster meat from shell. The same goes for oysters, clams and any seafood with shell attached to it.

“What’s in it for me?” For starters, you’ll produce better batches faster (and more of them), sink labor costs, extend shelf life and never shuck an oyster again.

Avure HPP seals in freshly caught flavor that lasts.

From the coast of Thailand to the shores of Alaska, seafood producers source the globe for the freshest, highest quality lobster, crab, oysters and fish. HPP captures that fresh-off-the-boat flavor, and makes it last for weeks after processing.

A natural and chemical-free approach to seafood preservation, HPP can even make foods taste better. With improved moisture retention, delicious seafood juices stay inside the meat – right where they belong – during cooking or storage. Seafoodies, rejoice!

HPP locks out disease.

Best of all, during pressurization, HPP inacitvates dangerous food-borne pathogens like listeria and salmonella, and vibrio in oysters. The safety benefits make HPP a boon for manufacturers of ready-to-eat seafood meals, because they can process foods in the final consumer package and avoid the risk of post-processing contamination.

These days, hungry diners prefer homemade dishes without all the fuss. To meet demand, grocery chains are turning to high pressure processed products to serve up safe, ready-to-eat wet salads and dips that taste fresh from the kitchen.

And because of the increased popularity of all natural, preservative-free foods, many stores are private labeling HPP products to align their brand with freshness and quality. From old-fashioned potato salad to artichoke Parmesan dip and yogurt-based salad dressing, Avure HPP makes it all possible.

Food safety above all.

World renowned researcher V.M. Balasubramaniam once called HPP “the most promising food-safety innovation in recent years.”

Also read: Dr. Balasubramaniam: How HPP is revolutionizing the dairy industry.

HPP subjects wet salads and dips to immense pure cold-water pressure (up to 6,000 bar / 87,000 psi), which inactivates food-borne pathogens like E. coli and listeria. With HPP, you’ll help protect the health of consumers, and the reputation of your business.

The process not only makes HPP foods among the safest to eat, but it can also improve flavor, viscosity and mouth feel, too. Learn how over at our food lab section.

Full of flavor, not preservatives.

The first food rule of thumb: it MUST taste good. With HPP, manufacturers don’t have to worry about acids or chemical additives that alter taste, texture and food quality.

A dish for everyone.

Choose Avure high pressure processing to increase shelf life of natural, preservative-free wet salads and dips. Examples include:

  • Bean salads and dips
  • Macaroni salads
  • Crab dips
  • Hummus
  • Tabouli
  • Cream-cheese spreads
  • Egg salads
  • Potato salads
  • Salad dressings
  • Chicken salads
  • Cheese dips
  • Plus whatever chefs dream up next

Extend shelf life tenfold.

While consumers crave the taste of Avure’s HPP foods, retailers and manufacturers can’t get enough helpings of HPP’s shelf-life-extending capabilities. For example, macaroni salads prepared with HPP can last up to five times longer. By extending shelf life, HPP dramatically reduces shrinkage and increases profits.

The applications of high pressure processing are moving beyond the food processing industry every day.

High pressure biotechnology is an emerging technique initially applied for food processing and more recently in pharmaceutical and medical sciences. Pressure can stabilize enzymes and modulate both their activity and specificity.

High pressure engineering of proteins may be used for enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and production of modified proteins of medical or pharmaceutical interest.

High pressure inactivation of biological agents is expected to be applicable to sterilization of fragile biopharmaceuticals, or medical compounds.

The enhanced immunogenicity of some pressure-killed bacteria and viruses could be applied for making new vaccines. Also, storage at subzero temperatures without freezing is another potential application of HPP for cells, animal tissues, blood cells, organs for transplant, and many other possibilities.

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