Stein MX-MicroMax® Series Centrifugal Hot Oil Filter


Cooking oil is a key ingredient in coated products affecting both flavor and shelf life. Maintaining oil quality is a critical step in controlling overall coated products quality. Our Stein MicroMax Centrifugal Hot Oil Filtration system is the ultimate solution for applications where oil quality is an issue. While we designed the MX Filter to handle the complete range of coated products applications, it is without equal on flour and homestyle coatings. The MX provides continuous filtration and continuous removal of frying sediment down to single digit micron levels. This reduces the buildup of free fatty acids and greatly extends usable oil life. The decanter style centrifugal filtration action also minimizes oil lost in the discharged sediment.

  • Continuous filtration and removal of frying sediment from the fryer for improved oil life and quality
  • Filtration down to single micron levels
  • One machine CIP hook ups for ease of sanitation
  • Removes 50% more free oil in the discharged sediment than other filter methods

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