JBT and LaserFood introduce Natural Branding©  the next generation in innovative labeling solution for fresh produce. This technology applies a permanent and contact-less label on fruits and vegetables: representing the perfect alternative to regular paper stickers because it allows to eliminate paper, glue and ink on organic produce.

Natural Branding reduces the carbon footprint by 99.9% and participates to the European Project: "Laser Mark," within the 7th Frame Program of the European Commission for the Eco-Innovation area: read more.


  • Permanent labelling for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • It’s contactless and just natural light
  • Eco-friendly technology: laser labelling eliminates the use of paper, glue, ink
  • Cheap alternative to regular stickers (the cost of laser labelling is about 0,90eur/1000 pieces of fruit marked)
  • Full product traceability
  • Enhanced marketing: thanks to our technology it's possible to etch virtually anything on a piece of fruit in a very flexible way and very fast
  • Labeling by laser technology is: exclusive, customizable, indelible, innovative, innocuous

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