Fruit Cleaners and Sanitizers

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Our fruit cleaners are concentrated detergents specially formulated for the general cleaning of fruits and vegetables, and contain a highly effective combination of surfactants, detergent builders, and alkalis to produce improved detergency and penetrating ability.

They can be sprayed or foamed over fruit, or used in soak tanks. This results in a cleaner produce surface ideal for the application of JBT's Sta-Fresh®, Fresh-Cote® and Endura-Fresh protective coatings, thus improving the appearance and enhancing the produce grade.

  • Removes inorganic and natural wax deposits from produce surfaces
  • Prepares produce surface for waxing
  • Rinses off easily
  • Safe on fruit
  • Simple to use
  • Concentrated product that is easy to dilute
    (dilution ratios shown in "Directions for Use" on the product label)

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