Tuna Filler Model 3866

Filling just got easier with the capability of our Triple Can Tuna Filler Model 3866. Our filler handles pre-cooked tuna at the rate of up to 500 can per minute, depending on can format. Alongside good fill weight precision, our Model 3866 offers you the highest quality pack with an exceptionally simple filling system. 
  • Three cans filled at the same time with an output capability up to 500 units per minute, depending on can format
  • Speed: 500 cpm for 211 format, 400 cpm for 307 format
  • Reduced friction on tablet surface results in better tuna cake appearance
  • Good fill weight precision
  • Format change: fast and easy (i.e. for 211 from 36g to 50g FW with the same format)

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