If you are looking to fill large format cans, such as institutional or family packs, our Tuna Filler Model 3466 handles pre-cooked tuna in order to process higher volumes. Our high filling precision results in cost savings of pre-cooked tuna, in addition to, our high drain weight. With a dependable reduction in squeeze loss and reliable fill weight, the Model 3466 can help increase your company’s productivity. 
  • Speed: 100 cpm for 99 mm diameter, 50 cpm for 150 mm diameter (1 kg), 25 cpm for 150 mm diameter (2 kg)
  • Increased profitability by keeping consistent fill weight and by reducing the squeeze loss due to a transfer system that keeps tuna density uniform during the shaping of the tablet
  • High filling accuracy and high drain weight resulting in cost savings of pre-cooked tuna

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