High Capacity Unifiller

JBT Unifiller High-Capacity
The High Capacity Unifiller is designed for line speeds in the range of 800 - 1500 containers per minute with its large XL-1200 frame. This new frame takes hygienic design to a new higher level with sloped base and improved Clean-in-Place (CIP). Capable of filling almost any pumpable product, our Unifiller is a piece of technology engineered to provide food processors with the best quality and precision in filling, with fast and efficient product change-over and a fast and automated Clean-In-Place procedure. The Unifiller is a volumetric filler that differentiates itself from conventional piston fillers by the complete absence of seals and the unique self-draining fill station concept. These two unique features drive the three key benefits of the Unifiller: unmatched fill accuracy, CIP-ability without any disassembly and unmatched product flexibility. 
  • Large frame designed for speeds up to 1500 CPM
  • Further improved hygienic design and CIP for extended runs and maximum up-time
  • Automatic clean-in-place system without any disassembly
  • High filling accuracy, minimum product give-away
  • High fill temperatures
  • Product and container flexibility
  • Fast product and container change-over
  • User-friendly and reliable operation
  • Consistent headspace for trouble-free in-container-sterilization

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