AF2200 MEDALLION Aseptic Filler

AF2200 MEDALLION Aseptic Filler | JBT FoodTech
Our AF2200 MEDALLION Aseptic Filler offers the food processing industry a highly effective and reliable aseptic method of bulk packaging low-acid food products including: vegetable and fruit purees, particulates, concentrates, sauces, soups, and many other delicate products. Additionally, it offers you high quality cleaning processes, such as complete sanitation features and an automated cycle that decontaminates the filling valve. 
  • Processes high and low acidity products
  • Complete sanitation via automatic Clean-in-Place  system
  • Working speeds: 25 bags/hour on single head version, and 55-60 bags/hour on dual head version
  • Rotating table and roller conveyors under the filler platform eliminate need for palletizers
  • Automated cycle that cleans the filling valve to ensure no contact with previous bags are present

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