Stein XL-A Series Breading Applicator


We introduced the Stein XL Series Breading Applicator back in the 1980’s as a high-production, fully convertible breading applicator.  The XL earned its reputation on some of the most difficult coatings and high volume production lines around the globe. For more than three decades it has been the breader of choice for high volume production lines for all the major fast food chain suppliers.  Its design and heavy duty construction is so reliable that it has been widely copied throughout the industry.   The secret to this highly successful breading applicator is the heavy duty construction, hydraulic drives, and the versatility to run any type of coating material.  Add the FlourMax™ technology and the XL became the best breader in the world for heavy flour style coatings. 

The XL is also available in the XL-A Poultry Coater configuration designed specifically for bone in poultry products. The triple flip discharge insures uniform coating for all products with uneven surface geometry and provides excellent excess coating removal while delivering a home style surface texture.

  • Extremely heavy duty stainless steel frame and tank design
  • Hydraulic drives for maximum reliability
    • Stainless steel hydraulic manifold, valves and piping
    • Individual control of all key functions with finite adjustments for consistent results
  • Convertibility to run flour, free flow, or J Crumb materials
  • Superior dust control for improved operator ergonomics
  • Level Glide™ discharge with breading blow off tubes for gentle handling
  • Flour configuration is standard model

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