Stein T-1 Tempura Batter Applicator

Our Stein T-1 Series Tempura Batter Applicator is a specialized “total immersion style” batter applicator designed for applying highly leavened and thick tempura style batters.  We utilize a top submerger conveyor system that gently moves the product through the batter puddle ensuring complete and uniform coating coverage even for products with an uneven surface geometry.  A patented “star roller” discharge effectively transfers the coated product into the conveyorized fryer minimizing damage to the product surface
  • Used with the Stein TM Series Tempura batter mixer a precise batter level can be automatically maintained, providing a consistent dwell time in the batter to maintain pick up
  • Variable speed drive from 0-60 FPM
  • Single point adjustable top submerger to accommodate products of varying heights
  • Adjustable batter blow-off to maintain desired pick up
  • Infeed conveyors for ease of product transfer from predust step

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