MEPSCO Brine Mix & Chill System

CAT Brine Mix & Chill System
Mixing and Chilling System.  Multiple configurations to fit your process.  Sizes from 50 to 1,000 gallon tanks with high shear mixers and eductors for ergonomic addition of ingredients.  Jacketed and insulated tanks available for chilling of marination or we can add a heat exchanger to ensure efficient and quick chilling of your brine or marinade.  We have the ability to constantly monitor weights and weigh in water and ingredients and track batches if needed.
  • Modular design to meet your product specifications
  • Tanks mounted on load cells to weigh in water, ingredients and constantly monitor levels
  • Touchscreen control with limitless options
  • Variable speed mixers to ensure proper mix and ensure it is not overmixed
  • Two inch eductor for floor level ingredient addition
  • Open structure construction for easy cleaning and inspection
  • Chilling options from jacketed/insulated tanks to heat exchanger connections for quick chilling

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