BottleTec™ Extrusion Blow-Molder

BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder

Our BottleTec blow molder produces bottles in almost any possible shape. The molds are easily changed to accommodate different container designs. Innovative bottle designs can make your product stand out and lead to stronger brand recognition.

The BottleTec blow molder produces lightweight HDPE bottles, which are available both in open, non-sterile and in closed, internally sterile versions.  

  • Up to 7,500 bottles/hour at full speed
  • Compact
  • Highly cost efficient
  • Can produce bottles ranging in sizes from 0.2 liters to 1.5 liters (7 oz. to 50 oz.)
  • Available for open, closed and sterile closed bottle production
  • Designed to produce mono or multi-layer bottles with oxygen and UV blocking layers to protect the product from external influences

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