Intelligent Robotic Decoring Technology with Product Data Management

Reliably decores up to 1,500 iceberg lettuce heads/hour, with yields up to 95%.

  • Ultimate hygienic standard for decoring
  • Direct reduction of labour
  • Direct decoring yield improvement
  • Detailed data generation for controlling product quality and optimizing processes
Also suitable for Cabbage, CTC CoreTakr® Cabbage.
Capacity is a key equipment item. With minimal fluctuation on quality or yield performance, the CoreTakr has a consistent throughput up to 1500 heads per hour, without fatigue and inaccuracy.
The CoreTakr has an amazing accuracy due to its robotic concept. Before the robot inserts the lettuce into the decorer, an additional visual check is performed to optimize accuracy. With the innovative three sharp conical knives on the decoring mechanism, only the undesired part of the lettuce is cut out.
The CoreTakr has an easy accessible control via a familiar Human Machine Interface (HMI) approach. The CoreTakr is easy to use and obedient, and day to day operation requires only moderate levels of operator comprehension. Critical parameters such as decoring depth can be easily adjusted by the operator on the HMI.
The CoreTakr is designed for daily cleaning and is compatible with cold and wet environments. It is designed according to stringent hygienic (design) standards, and is therefore compatible with current food safety standards (CE 2004/1935).
To ensure that maximum plant availability is achieved, the CoreTakr is remotely monitored by us to make sure it maintains optimum performance and maintenance intervals are scheduled as required. By sharing the product throughput data with our customers’ performances monitoring systems, we work to achieve world class standards of compliance.
Plant space being a premium, the footprint of the CoreTakr is equal to the space required for decoring iceberg lettuce via manual labor.

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Along with the CoreTakr comes a service-level agreement (SLA). We replace parts in yearly inspections that are prone to wear to prevent undesired downtime. With our suppliers we have set up a spare parts service to make sure that unplanned downtime is solved quickly.

Remote presence

Uptime and reliability are key in produce. For that purpose the CoreTakr is remotely monitored by us to plan service and maintenance on time and to make sure the machine is running properly for your product. Furthermore, when you are experiencing any problems with the CoreTakr, you can count on our team of experts for full service and support.

Data handling

The CoreTakr produces a vast amount of data a day, up to a terabyte per unit. In that data a lot of precious information is hidden related to various quality metrics. We collect this data from the CoreTakr, which we analyse and share with you. Accordingly, we can meet the standards of relative legislation to product traceability requirements. Therefore you know exactly which products entered your production facility at what time.

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