Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables
We have a rich heritage in the primary processing of fruit and vegetables from the raw material to the finished product. Our main customers are citrus, tomato, tropical and temperate fruit processors as well as food processors involved in secondary processing of tomato based sauces, fruit jams and juices.

Our core technologies cover the preparation, enzymatic inactivation, extraction, concentration and filling of your fruits, nuts or vegetables. Sterilization and/or pasteurization is accomplished either thermally or via High Pressure Processing (HPP).

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Fruit, Nut & Vegetable Categories


From post-harvest cleaners and fungicides to labeling systems to juice processing equipment, JBT is the premier provider of service and solutions to the citrus industry.

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Our industry leading peeling, sterilizing and concentrating equipment make JBT your one-stop shop for tomato processing technology.

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Tropical Fruit

Whether processing your fruit for jams, juices and purees or packing for the fresh market, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

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From preparation to preservation, conveying, labeling and packaging, our comprehensive range of technologies capture the freshness, taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value of fresh, frozen and processed vegetable products.

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Fresh Produce

Whether supplying domestic or export markets, you can count on our expertise for superior fresh arrivals. We are the leading global supplier of post-harvest solutions for preserving appearance, extending shelf-life and produce identification.

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Almonds have always been a part of JBT’s history starting with the orchard sprayer developed by John Bean himself. Today, our Almond Surface Pasteurization System continues to deliver a pathogen-free product without altering the raw-like flavor and appearance of the nut.

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