JBT Research Technology Center for Fruit and Vegetable Processing

RTC: Spain, Murcia - Fruit and Vegetable Processing | JBT FoodTech

The Research and Technology Center in Murcia is prepared to simulate many of the processes found in the modern commercial citrus processing facility such as fruit calibration, juice extraction and finishing and oil recovery.

The center is equipped with:

  • Three JBT citrus extractors (Models 191B, 391B and 593)
  • FTE Juice Extractor: hot and cold juice or puree extraction for fruit and vegetable processing
  • One Fresh'n Squeeze® Multi-Fruit Juicer (MFJ)
  • One screw finisher
  • One paddle finisher
  • A laboratory for fruit, juice and pulp products physicochemical analysis

The primary objectives are to optimize the yield, quality and throughput of the citrus processing equipment and systems that JBT supplies.

Thanks to this new laboratory, JBT is able to perform trials using various processing technologies to assist customers in the development and analyses of fruit and vegetable processing systems.

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