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Aseptic Training Outline | JBT Technical School

The Aseptic Training Outline course will be held at the JBT Madera, CA (USA) Process Technologies Laboratory.

    JBT Process Technologies Laboratory

    2300 Industrial Avenue - Madera, CA 93637 (USA)

    From 22 to 23 October, 2019 | Course Flyer - EN

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Introduction to Continuous-Flow Aseptic Thermal

  1. Classification of Shelf-Stable Foods
  2. Definition of Terms
  3. Processing Options for Shelf-Stable Foods
  4. Continuous-Flow Processes, Heating Profiles, Direct/Indirect Heating
  5. Basic Concepts in Aseptic Process Calculations
  6. Calculations with AseptiCAL®
  7. Filing a UHT Process

Introduction to Aseptic Filling Technologies

  1. Classification of Shelf-Stable Foods
  2. Definition of Terms
  3. Configurations of Sterile Product Pathway to Filler
  4. Overview of Aseptic Filler Types
  5. Sterilants and Sterilization Technologies (Equipment and Packaging Material)
  6. Effect of Sterilization Processes on Microorganisms

Aseptic Standards: Regulatory, Validation and Verification

  1. Classification of Shelf-Stable Foods
  2. U.S. Regulatory Agencies and Standards/Other Standards/Requirement for Validation
  3. Validation/Change Management/Verification
  4. What Needs to be Addressed/What to Validate
  5. Targets/Control Measures/Performance Criteria/Critical Factors
  6. Microbiological Validations - Methods, Types
  7. Other types of Validations

Microbiology of Aseptic Systems

  1. Review of Thermal Processes
  2. Spoilage of Aseptic Products
  3. Why Does Aseptic Fail?
  4. Microbiological Testing as Verification Tool
  5. Process Deviations and Microbiology
  6. Trouble Shooting/Spoilage Investigations
Each participant will receive a training certificate at the end of the course.

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