Unit Load Lift Deck AGV
Ideal for handling pallets and racks, our lift deck automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) transfer loads to and from stands. These vehicles can carry several different types of pallets and provide optimum flexibility. Equipped with load top sensors, our lift deck AGVs accurately position loads, regardless of pallet size. Plus, their customizable lift height allows them to be molded to your specific needs. By linking directly to stands, our lift deck vehicles service other plant equipment, like conveyors and AS/RS, and meet your unique requirements.
  • Interfaces with stands to service other conveyors, AS/RS, and material handling equipment
  • Transports several different types of pallets with one type of AGV
  • Accurately position loads, regardless of pallet or rack size
  • Ideal for handling loads that need to interface with plant equipment and cannot be transported with forklifts

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