Cargo Loaders


Ranger™ Cargo Loader

For customers wanting a simple, fast, efficient and durable cargo loader.

Commander™ Loaders

The Commander loader family consists of four models capable of handling aircraft ranging from the A320 up to the B747F.

Atlas 4 & 5 Pallet Loaders

Our Atlas K Loader is capable of loading all types of aircraft up to main deck B747 at virtually any airfield worldwide.

CPT-7 Transporter

A chainless cargo transporter to transfer palletized and containerized cargo to other load handling vehicles.

CLT-8 Loader/Transporter

A self-propelled, single platform container loader transporter.

ULD Trucks

Provide fast, safe and secure transfer of palletized and containerized cargo from the aircraft to air cargo warehouses located both on and off the airport.

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