Equipment Monitoring

In aviation, time really is money. The perfect aircraft turn – fast, efficient, smooth – saves time and money. With iOPS intelligent gate systems from JBT, the perfect turn is closer than ever. Knowing the details of gate availability and the real-time status of boarding bridges, conditioned air units, 400 Hz ground power units, and other equipment is vital to efficient gate operations. With iOPS from JBT, you can monitor equipment status, operations, faults, and diagnostic issues in real time. Let us show you how to more effectively manage your gate, your aircraft, your personnel, and your operations with the iOPS gate management systems from JBT.
  • Real-time monitoring of gate equipment and operations
  • Applicable to most boarding bridges, pcair units, ground power units, etc.
  • Integrates with most apron, building or asset management systems
  • Expands to baggage systems, terminal building equipment, etc.

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