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One Cart, Three Capabilities – AgileAir from JBT Military

Few things are more important for the warfighter than reducing the logistics footprint of support hardware while at the same time enhancing battle readiness.  AgileAir, the revolutionary AGE combination air and power cart from JBT, does just that.  Using unique, turbine-free technology, the AgileAir supplies conditioned air, bleed/ECS air, and electrical power from a single cart for a host of modern fighter aircraft – including the F16.

Designed to replace the aging and difficult to maintain A/M32A-60 and A/M32C-10 with a single, compact cart, the diesel powered AgileAir provides the air and power services of both the Dash 60 and C 10 units from a single, integrated platform.  And, it does so with great efficiency reducing the overall logistics requirements associated with legacy equipment.

Smaller Footprint: AgileAir has an overall cart length of 122 inches (310cm) compared to the combined footprint of 158 inches (401cm) for the Dash 60 and C 10 units.  AgileAir is easier to transport taking up less space than the current options. 

Less Fuel: Getting fuel to the battle space is dangerous and expensive.  JBT successfully reduced the fuel requirements for fighter AGE with its AgileAir combination air and power cart.  Typically, the AgileAir diesel powered cart uses about 70 gallons of fuel per eight hours of run time.  Contrast this with a fuel guzzling 400+ gallons per eight hours for legacy A/M32A-60 / C-10 equipment.  A single tank of fuel with the AgileAir will get flight line personnel through a day of air and power support to fighter aircraft. 

Quieter: With its innovative diesel engine based power generation, the AgileAir typically runs at approximately 90dB while the legacy ramp equipment operates in the range of 104dB under similar conditions.  Operational safety and ground crew comfort are enhanced using the new AgileAir AGE from JBT. 

Refrigerant Free: With its unique design, the AgileAir cart requires no refrigerant as it generates cold conditioned air for fighter aircraft avionics.  With AgileAir there is one less element to worry about in the logistics train.

AgileAir, the latest in AGE innovation from JBT.

JBT AgileAir - Frozen

AgileAir extreme environment testing

AgileAir Demo

JBT has had a long history developing environmentally friendly airport GSE products, beginning in 1959 with the Caravelle Electric Belt Loader designed to service the Sud Aviation Caravelle jet liner. This trend continued with all belt loaders into the future. In the 1980’s, mobile passenger stairs, cargo transporters and the all new Commander™ loader were introduced with electric models. The Commander, with its innovative swing-out power module was designed to easily accommodate both electric and diesel power. Today, JBT belt loaders, mobile passenger steps, transporters and the Commander 15i cargo loader continue to provide our customers with dependable, efficient and environmentally friendly electric GSE products.
Commander 15i Electric

Electric Commander

With higher drive speeds and lighter weight, the JBT Ranger cargo loader is an agile and efficient performer for ramp operations. If you service gates spread out across the tarmac, Ranger’s speed allows for one unit to do the job of multiple traditional high lift loaders. Faster operations are not a result of drive speeds alone. A smaller footprint, tighter turning radius, faster lift speeds and precise control of the load during convey also contribute to the perfect turn.  The addition of a suspension system not only improves driver comfort but introduces less wear and tear on components as driving surface vibration is reduced. Low vehicle weight, load sensing hydraulics and an efficient engine reduces fuel consumption. As with all JBT GSE, the Ranger was designed with easy access maintenance as a primary objective and is backed by our Global Customer Care team.  Ranger has the heritage of thousands of JBT loaders so you know it will perform for years, provide a low cost of ownership and have the industry’s highest resale value.

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