JBT equipment maintenance training is among the most comprehensive in the GSE industry.

Our theory-based maintenance training classes begin with teaching the theory behind different functional systems (electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and fluid) and use that as a base to build on for full understanding of the equipment. Our instructors then use real-world scenarios on actual equipment where students apply that systems theory with hands-on diagnostic activities. By knowing how the different systems work - and how they work together - your technicians gain an understanding of how to diagnose issues instead of simply being “parts changers.”

Features Include:

  • Factory Training
  • Customized Instruction onsite at the customer location
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Simulations
  • Online Training with JBT University*

* We have over 50 online training modules for GSE including modules for Commander Loaders, Pushback Tractors and Tempest Deicers. This learning management system allows customers to utilize the content for employee training, but the system also gives maintenance personnel access to useful information when addressing specific service procedures. In addition, there is also tracking and reporting capabilities which allows the tracking of participant progress. Employees can even work towards specific certifications, if appropriate. Contact your regional Customer Care Sales Representative for more information or click the JBT University link above to browse the course catalog.

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