Ideal for handling wide diameter rolls of film, plastic, or paper, our large roll automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) simplify the movement of this cumbersome material. These unit load AGVs cradle rolls without damaging product and can carry up to 15,000lbs (6,800kg). Our large roll AGVs easily interface with other plant equipment, like cranes, storage cradles, and machines. Plus, their dual drives make maneuvering in your facility simple.  With the ability to adapt to various roll lengths, our large roll vehicles fit your load, no matter its size. 

Features & Benefits

  • A-frame structure to handle even the heaviest loads
  • Interfaces with various plant equipment, like cranes, storage cradles, and machines
  • Dual drive steers for maximum maneuverability 
  • Ideal for handling large rolls


  • Carries up to 15,000lbs (6,800kg)
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • Compatible with various load lengths