Some material handling applications require a truly custom solution, and we provide custom-designed automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to meet these unique challenges. Although these vehicles contain one-of-a-kind features, our experience allows us to design them using a proven set of modules that we’ve used before in successful AGV projects. Whether you’re handling jet engine components, large kitchen appliances, or pharmaceutical totes, we can provide an AGV solution that meets your needs. 

Features & Benefits

  • Modular approach to custom AGV design using the broadest offering of standard vehicles in the industry
  • Custom-built AGV to meet material handling challenges
  • Unique AGVs with minimal delivery time and cost


  • Forked, unit load, lift deck, conveyor deck, and other configurations
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection on all AGV designs
  • Wide array of customized vehicles already in-use throughout the world

Options & Models

  • Custom fixture
  • Custom lift deck
  • Pharmaceutical tote carrier
  • Single fork platen
  • Missile carrier
  • Plus, anything you might need to solve your unique challenges