Meeting unique automation system requirements with bespoke automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Your business is not like others. Thus, the AGVs that are fine for them fall short for you. It just doesn’t make sense to settle for automated systems that aren’t a good fit to your processes or facility — or to shoehorn your operation into the capabilities of standardized automation solutions.

We hear you loud and clear. And, you aren’t alone in this conundrum. It’s what motivated JBT  to provide custom-designed automatic guided vehicles.

You’ll quickly realize that our lineup of customizable products and services can rise to your unique situation. Our versatile, robust solutions — purpose-built for your needs — can streamline your logistics and enable you to respond to changes more effortlessly. Given this, you can count on getting:

  • The proper AGVs for your applications
  • AGVs that integrate flawlessly with the rest of your systems
  • Solutions that grow with your business
  • Consistent, efficacious, and safe AGV performance
  • Savings on labor, operations, and materials

JBT, the Singular Choice for Your Special Application AGVs

Going with JBT is a solid choice. We’re known for automated vehicles and systems that are secure, accurate, and efficient and that are spot-on for on-time materials delivery. Combined with our dedication to customers and excellence, penchant for innovation, expertise, and breadth of options — you’ll have no trouble deriving value from JBT and your AGVs.

Many businesses with custom JBT AGVs enjoy:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Significantly reduced product damage
  • Better material tracking
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Improved workplace safety

Using a tried-and-true modular approach, we’re able to efficiently assemble custom AGVs that contain one-of-a-kind features. It doesn’t matter if you’re handling aircraft components, bulky home appliances, or pharmaceutical totes — JBT can tailor an AGV solution to your needs.

Custom AGV Applications

Every industry has its own needs and ways of doing things. The great thing about special application AGVs is that they’re so versatile — you can tailor them to your business.

And JBT has seen and accommodated countless implementations in a range of sectors. Our custom AGVs can take on a multitude of use cases common to industries like:

Take a moment to envision how sleek your operations could be with a customized JBT AGV circulating through your facility. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a single vehicle or a group of them — your JBT equipment is hard-working and robust. Plus, opting for JBT software and services can yield even better results.

Features & Benefits

JBT’s custom AGVs are brimming with functionality, even before you start configuring your tailored solution. Our standard features enable you to invariably complete tasks quickly, accurately, and safely.

  • Modular — Customizing regular AGVs allows for the broadest offering of automated vehicles in the industry
  • Made-to-order — Bespoke AGVs built on-demand to meet your particular material handling challenges
  • Resourceful — Custom-made yet requiring minimal delivery time and cost
  • Configurable — Forked, unit load, lift deck, conveyor deck, and other setups available for max utility in your operation
  • Safe — 360⁰ obstacle detection on all AGV designs protects workers, materials, and facility
  • Support — Worldwide service, support, and resources

Feel free to connect with our team to discuss these features and how they can benefit your business.

Smarter Design Yields Better Automated Solutions

To get the best outcomes, you have to start with the best inputs. That’s why JBT prioritizes intelligent engineering. Based on the latest technological advancements, years of experience, and customer feedback, we carefully design optimal features and functionality.

The result is your custom AGV. Your high-performing AGV robot, constructed for durability leveraging the best methods and materials, is capable of:

  • Fitting your specifications to address your specific requirements
  • Integrating with other automated systems and equipment
  • Quick and simple deployment
  • Easier operation with minimal training
  • Reducing human error
  • Providing a reliable and predictable service life
  • Requiring less and easier maintenance
  • Advantageous longevity and ROI
  • Higher resale potential

It’s the total — perfect — package. You’re getting incredible value and an appreciable operational edge. The culmination of all the thoughtful and well-implemented characteristics of your custom AGV is that you’ll likely experience positive gains in productivity, safety, and cost containment.

Options & Models

The point of custom automated robotics is getting to select the elements that can satisfy your particular requirements. JBT’s automation system vehicles let you do just that. By picking and choosing from our array of options, you can easily create the ideal custom AGV for your facility.

Options include:

  • Custom fixtures
  • Custom lift deck
  • Pharmaceutical tote carrier
  • Single-fork platen
  • Missile carrier
  • Bespoke modifications to solve your unique challenges

JBT for More than Automated Guided Vehicles

You’re shopping for AGVs, so it’s a reasonable assumption that your operation has a significant level of complexity or repetition. JBT solutions could simplify your endeavors, free up talented workers to go perform higher-value jobs, and generate better results.

The JBT catalog has an impressive variety of outstanding product and service offerings to help you accomplish your daily work and broader business objectives. With them filling your facility floors, you can expect peak function of your material handling and other operations.

We’re serving companies like yours around the world — and they’re reaping the benefits. They love working with JBT because they can always depend on us and our products. Won’t you join them?  

Unequaled Assortment of Machinery

JBT custom AGVs are showstoppers to be sure, but you probably need more machinery to complete your long list of activities. To that end, JBT is a well-rounded supplier of equipment for other automated solutions as well as FoodTech and AeroTech.

In terms of automated systems, our offerings include also includes: 

It’s fairly easy and hassle-free to assemble a full complement of heavy-duty equipment for your business.

Software & Services Beyond Compare

On top of superior equipment, we offer software and services that extend or flesh out your overall automated systems. JBT is a respected leader in:

Software and services can be like nuts and bolts — components that aren’t often in the limelight but that can make all the difference in the world. They can bind disparate supplies, pieces of equipment, processes, and workers into a system that functions as a whole.

JBT, the Automated Systems Partner You Need

JBT is a great resource — at your disposal! Sometimes, just being able to consult with experts is what greases the wheels of planning and implementation. We’re ready and able to help you meet your operational demands with a suited-to-you mix of highest-caliber AGVs, software, consultation, and more.

We are in this for the long run, and JBT is here for you before, during, and after the sales process. We believe in instituting an enduring and collaborative association with you. It’s the most effective way to support your business and help you get the most out of your JBT products and services.

JBT, Your Total Solutions Provider

You’ll find that JBT’s the clear answer to your end-to-end Automated Systems needs. All the automation equipment and services your business requires are available from us. To learn more about how we can improve your operations, contact JBT today.