Whether you’re handling un-palletized materials or rolls, our clamp automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) can carry the load. Our flat clamp AGV uses a precisely controlled hydraulic clamp to lift and release loose materials, like boxes and packaging supplies, without damaging them. Meanwhile, our roll clamp AGV utilizes a similar hydraulic attachment to pick and drop rolls. In either case, our vehicles efficiently and reliably deliver your materials to the correct location.

Features & Benefits

  • Polyurethane linings on the clamp pads ensure no load marking or damage
  • Stacks reels and rolls without racking 
  • Ideal for handling un-palletized loads


  • Standard roll stacking capability up to 306ft (10m) high
  • Standard clamp lift capability up to 12ft (3.5m) high
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • Standard roll carrying capacity of 8,000lbs (3,600kg)
  • Standard flat clamp capacity of 1,800lbs (800kg)

Options & Models

  • Flat clamp
  • Roll clamp
  • Various roll clamp sizes available