Product Category

Ideal for moving hospital carts, our ATLIS automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) transport materials throughout your healthcare facility. Equipped with an electric lift deck, our ATLIS AGVs position underneath loads to pick or drop from the floor or from a stand. They handle payloads up to 1,500lbs (680kg) and automatically interface with elevators for service to multiple floors. Plus, as the smallest vehicles in our fleet, our ATLIS AGVs navigate tight corners and hallways with ease. 

Features & Benefits

  • Lifts loads with minimal clearance
  • Works well with hospital staff
  • Compact design for greatest maneuverability


  • Lift decks typically lift 2in (0.05m) high
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • Vehicle deck height as low as 12in (0.3m)

Options & Models

  • ATLIS Low Profile
  • ATLIS Forked