While the vehicles are the arms and legs doing the work, the software is the brain coordinating all movements. Our software has millions of hours of work behind it and is continually improved to do even more.


SGV Manager

Setup in a server and client configuration, SGV Manager software manages your automated guided vehicle (AGV) system. The server portion, known as SGV Manager Server, […]

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JBT Warehouse Control Software

Warehouse Control

Available as a module in SGV Manager software, Inventory Manager can serve as your warehouse control software. Inventory Manager accurately tracks product as it moves […]

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JBT LayoutWizard

Layout Wizard

With Layout Wizard, users can define and edit the automatic guided vehicle (AGV) road system installed at their facility. The menu-driven interface utilizes pre-existing plant […]

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Software Integration

Because no two customers’ needs are the same, we provide several software integration options to communicate with your primary software systems. Our fully hosted automatic […]

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