Automated warehousing and distribution enable a higher level of customer service

As consumers continue to demand a higher level of customer service than ever before, warehousing and distribution facilities are employing automated guided vehicles (AGVs) more and more often. Within these locations, AGVs can increase savings and reduce plant and product damage. Our vehicles deliver throughout the facility while our software integration protocols simplify the critical communication between your systems and ours.  

Typical applications include:

  • Full pallet putaway or cross docking
  • Supporting picking operations such as:
    • Goods to picker
    • Picker to goods
    • Layer picking
  • Delivery of empty pallets
  • Replenishment of full pallets 
  • Transport of picking containers to packing 
  • Movement of packed pallets to shipping

While your warehousing and distribution needs continue to grow, let our AGVs provide the repetitive material movement for you.