Automated Systems: Mobile Robots for the Warehousing & Distribution Industry


Automated warehousing and distribution enable a higher level of customer service

Warehouse and distribution facility using automated guided vehicles for material handling

As consumers continue to demand a higher level of customer service than ever before, warehousing and distribution facilities are employing automated guided vehicles (AGVs) more and more often. Within these locations, AGVs can increase savings and reduce plant and product damage. Our vehicles deliver throughout the facility while our software integration protocols simplify the critical communication between your systems and ours.  

Typical applications include:

  • Full pallet putaway or cross docking
  • Supporting picking operations such as:
    • Goods to picker
    • Picker to goods
    • Layer picking
  • Delivery of empty pallets
  • Replenishment of full pallets 
  • Transport of picking containers to packing 
  • Movement of packed pallets to shipping

While your warehousing and distribution needs continue to grow, let our AGVs provide the repetitive material movement for you. 

JBT Reach AGVs

JBT Automated Material Handling Systems, the Smart Way to Go


Automated Warehouse Equipment For Every Task

JBT AGVs offer a full portfolio of mobile robot warehousing and distribution solutions. If you can think of a material handling need – we have machines that can handle it. 

Still, processes and priorities are many and diverse. Because different goods and applications have distinct requirements, we carry an assortment of warehouse AGVs.


JBT Warehouse AGVs

JBT Forked AGV

Forked AGVs

Connected, intelligent, secure, high-productivity automated solutions that enable modern food production facilities to thrive
Special Application AGVs

Special App AGVs

Optimized to address specific food-industry material handling challenges that are outside the scope of standard vehicles
JBT Towing AGV

Towing AGVs

Small, powerful towing vehicles that are built to last and haul up to 50,000 lb (22,600 kg) — that’s a lot of food!
JBT Unit Load Lift Deck AGV

Unit Load AGVs

"Top carriers" that are ideal for transferring your food business’s loads – on pallets and racks – to and from conveyors or stands

Plus, we have software and services to optimize your equipment and operations.

Whether you just need individual pieces of warehouse equipment or to create a fleet of driverless forklifts, we’ve got what you need. You’ll find warehouse automated guided vehicles for a variety of applications.

Applications for JBT’s mobile robot AGVs

  • Support for picking operations
  • Transport of picking containers to packing
  • Full pallet putaway or cross-docking
  • Delivery of empty pallets
  • Replenishment of full pallets
  • Movement of packed pallets to shipping

Certainly, JBT robotics are hard-working and robust. However, our warehouse management software turns your automated forklifts and other warehouse AGVs into a well-orchestrated network.

The result? Seamless, reliable, secure operations throughout your facility – without the hassle of multiple vendors.

We Grow with You

While your warehousing and distribution requirements continue to grow, let JBT’s AGVs provide the repetitive material movement for you. In our catalog, you’ll find solutions for businesses at every stage of maturity and need.

For example, JBT offers entry-level forklift AGVs for companies that are just getting started. Similarly, we have more sophisticated mobile robot AGVs for warehousing and distribution operations with greater, more involved demands.

There’s a JBT automated warehousing system for everyone at every time.

Better Warehousing & Distribution with Cutting Edge Mobile Robot AGVs

We’ve conscientiously designed-in features and functionality to boost productivity within your warehouse, extend the life of your warehouse equipment, preserve value, and more.

  • Built from the best processes and materials
  • Compatibility with other automated supply chain machinery
  • Customizable to accommodate your requirements
  • Quicker to get up and running
  • Easier to operate
  • Longer service life
  • Higher resale value

Picking, Placing & Moving Made Easy

Warehousing and distribution can be incredibly complex. There are scores of machines, inventory or supply items, people, and tasks involved in the end-to-end endeavor.

Just because there are loads of moving pieces doesn’t mean actually getting warehousing and distribution activities done needs to be difficult or overwhelming. With a full line of JBT automated systems, you can outfit your operations expressly to your needs. Having a purpose-built, dedicated solution can resolve many of the challenges you face.

  • Automated material handling
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Minimal operator training needed
  • Reduced chance of human error
  • Options to suit your specific requirements

The combined effect of leveraging the proper equipment, integrated software, and support makes hitting your functional targets – like achieving and maintaining product quality, improving productivity, reducing downtime, etc. – simple. It comes with the territory of using JBT equipment.

Durability’s Built In

You’re running a tight operation. There’s no room in the master schedule for downtime. When your automated warehousing systems are offline, everything comes to a screeching halt.

In turn, this means orders go unfulfilled, shipments are delayed, workers are idle, and so on. Not acceptable. You need machinery you can count on – all day, every day.

At JBT, we get it. After all, we’re also a business that has rigorous warehousing and distribution demands, too!

That’s why JBT’s warehouse AGVs are constructed to be so robust and reliable. They’re solidly made by skilled craftspeople using the sturdiest materials and advanced techniques. Because of this attention to excellence, you’ll experience:

  • Less and easier maintenance
  • Fewer and less severe operational issues
  • Fewer and shorter usage interruptions due to operational issues

Features & Benefits

JBT robotics make for warehousing and distribution operations that are as quick, precise, and safe as possible – time after time.

  • Accurate – Reduce accidents and delivery errors while streamlining warehouse inventory management and workflow.
  • Adaptable – Applications can be as varied as storing raw materials, delivering materials to production lines, and loading and unloading trailers. 
  • Intelligent – JBT AGV systems can track inventory and interface with many types of racking, including select, double-deep, twinload, drive-in, flow-through, pushback, and pallet shuttle.
  • Compatible – Our systems also fully integrate with your ERP or WMS.

If you have any questions about these features – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

JBT Narrow Aisle AGV

Comprehensive Automated Systems Solutions

JBT’s isn’t limited to warehouses and distributors. Our vast collection of products and services is able to address all your business needs, no matter the sector. In addition to serving the warehousing and distribution, we’re also recognized leaders in these industries:

Companies around the world are putting JBT automated systems to the test – with great success! – in the following ways:

The takeaway here is that JBT can furnish the right equipment, services, and support for you to do the job at hand properly.

JBT, Your Automated Systems Partner

There’s no need to look beyond JBT for your automated material handling system needs.

A Better Approach

At JBT, we opt for the human approach. You’re not a sale, you’re a valued customer. As such, we strive to create a long-term, collaborative relationship. This gives us a chance to get to know you and your needs and to give you the attention and respect you deserve.

Connect with JBT Expertise

JBT’s been amassing industry knowledge and experience since the 1960s. Use it to your advantage! Let our dedicated and skilled team be your go-to automated systems resource.

We provide this deep support because we know running a warehousing and distribution venture can be full of complicated challenges. Feel free to contact us if:

  • You have questions
  • You aren’t sure which machines to buy
  • You want professional input as you plan for capital investment

We’re here to help you.

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