Comprehensive adaptable and cost-advantageous material handling solutions to streamline your operations

Paper, tissue, and toweling are rather delicate wares. They must be handled with gentle care to avoid damage and waste.

In the past, this meant extensive — and expensive — manual labor to move and manipulate raw materials as well as packaged products. Today, fortunately, you have a different and much better option.

AGVs have a long history of supporting roll movement. First introduced to the printing world, AGV-supported operations transformed the paper sector. As production costs plummeted, related markets — like the tissue industry — took notice. Now, both groups benefit from reduced labor expenses, less roll damage, and more.

JBT’s robotic vehicles reduce the burdens of repetitive material transfers throughout your paper and tissue plant. This helps you bring processing costs down, tighten up scheduling and supply chain logistics, and allocate resources where they can provide greater value. With our collection of AGVs — capable of handling rolls as well as standard pallets —you’ll soon see the positive impacts on your business.

JBT Tissue & Paper AGVs — Second to None

Automation with JBT systems means safe, precise, on-time delivery of paper and tissue materials in your manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Our commitment to customer service and innovation, experience, and range of options, translates into an unbeatable value proposition for you:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Significantly reduced product damage
  • Better material tracking
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Improved safety

Tissue & Paper Handling AGV Applications

JBT paper and tissue AGVs are ideal for all manner of factory tasks, from roll handling throughout the facility to automated trailer loading and unloading. For this reason, our paper and tissue industry customers are effectively using these vehicles to streamline:

  • Papermaking and converting
  • Storage and retrieval in warehouses
  • Movement of WIP and finished goods
  • Facilitating palletizing and shipping

Whatever your particular process, JBT can furnish the best solutions — one completely tailored to your needs. Just imagine how smoothly your operations can be with our fine-tuned systems in place.

JBT Forked AGV

Forked AGV

Connected, intelligent, secure, high-productivity automated solutions that enable modern food production facilities to thrive

Special Application AGVs

Special App AGVs

Optimized to address specific food-industry material handling challenges that are outside the scope of standard vehicles

JBT Towing AGV

Towing AGVs

Small, powerful towing vehicles that are built to last and haul up to 50,000 lb (22,600 kg) — that’s a lot of food!

JBT Unit Load Lift Deck AGV

Unit Load AGVs

“Top carriers” that are ideal for transferring your food business’s loads – on pallets and racks – to and from conveyors or stands

Buying one standard pallet lift AGV or a convoy of roll movement machines — it doesn’t matter. JBT has the hard-working, heavy-duty equipment you require. And, for even better outcomes and easier operations, JBT software and services can optimize your whole set-up.

Smarter Solutions for Better Tissue & Paper Production

All JBT manufacturing AGVs incorporate thoughtful design characteristics that are derived from customer needs and feedback. This has led to intentionally integrated features and functionality that improve operations, extend the service life of your equipment, maximize ROI, and more.

Should you like concrete examples of our elegant engineering, here are some highlights:

  • Made from premium-grade materials using the best techniques
  • Ability to integrate with other automated systems and machinery
  • Customizable to your specifications
  • Simpler and faster rollout
  • Easier to own and operate
  • Greater longevity
  • Higher resale potential

Outstanding AGVs are a great place to begin. However, JBT goes a step beyond to make your entire paper and tissue handling system exceptional. To optimize operations, we can create a computer model of material flow. This predictive simulation helps you create a total solution that’s as high-performing as possible.

Automated Systems That Grow With You & Last

Your business is unique. Automation isn’t one-size-fits-all. Needs change as consumer demands shift.

Completely aligned with these truisms, JBT offers a range of product, software, and service features and options. We enable you to both scale and future-proof your automated systems. 

You can start simple and expand in the future. For instance, you can launch your automation efforts with a stand-alone AGV for straightforward A-to-B movements. Later on, when it makes sense for your operations, you can implement fully-integrated systems that are controlled by our SGV Manager software.

Rest assured that JBT machines are built to withstand even the most rigorous — and continuous — use. JBT AGVs are built tough by master craftspeople with the best materials and methods. 

This attention to scalability and durability is evident, especially as time rolls on. You’ll experience:

  • Less and easier maintenance
  • Fewer and more moderate operational issues
  • Fewer and shorter interruptions caused by service issues

Features & Benefits

JBT robotics are loaded with features. They’ll easily help you get your work done more accurately, safely, and cost-effectively.

  • Safety — Defined paths and routines plus on-board sensors and alerts protect workers, creating a less hazardous workplace
  • Reliability — Facilitate scheduling and production with controlled, predictable parts transportation
  • Precision — Accuracy and maneuverability reduce accidents, delivery errors, and waste
  • Flexibility — Adapts to suit incredibly varied applications and changing demands
  • Intelligence — Track inventory and interface with many types of racking (e.g., select, double-deep, twinload, drive-in, flow-through, pushback, and pallet shuttle) for max usability
  • Compatibility — Integrate with your ERP or WMS and other types of JBT AGVs for seamless operations
  • Tested — Sophisticated fleet-management system uptime 24x7x365 for more than a decade underscores reliability 
  • Customizability — Options and modifications available to accommodate irregular loads 
  • Uptime — Maintain productivity with no plant interruptions during installation 
  • Scalability — Able to expand existing fleet and integrate additional facilities globally as your business grows
  • Optimization — Maximizing productivity by improving operating efficiency and streamlining warehouse inventory management and workflow

If you have any questions about how features of JBT AGVs can benefit your operations — let us know.

Automation for Your Every Need

Paper Industry AGV

JBT’s ability to serve customers goes beyond the tissue industry. No matter the market, our vast selection of products and services cover countless production processes. It’s no shock that JBT is the leading supplier in these industries:

Because of our extensive offerings, coupled with our enviable status and reputation, companies around the globe use JBT automated systems. They’re enjoying tremendous success as a result. JBT can supply you with the ideal equipment, services, and support to get every job done right, too.

JBT, Your Partner in Automation

Look no further than JBT for your end-to-end automation needs. We’re not only able to be your single source for equipment and services, but planning, troubleshooting, and general long-term support.

A Modern Business Approach

At JBT, you’re not a sale. As a valued customer, we look forward to collaborating with you today and far into the future. That’s why we work so hard to build an enduring, productive relationship with you. This gives JBT a chance to get to know your needs so we can help you more fully and effectively over time.

Experts Who’re Always There for You

JBT is known for our more-than-half-century of automated systems experience and leadership. Our highly qualified team is eager to share this tremendous wealth of knowledge. We know that your operations can be challenging and always evolving. Often, all you need to thrive is the boost from a little extra bit of help. Contact us with your questions today.