Delivering significant savings, higher performance, and greater efficiency with proven manufacturing automatic guided vehicles

For many manufacturers, repetition is part of the process. This is particularly true for commonplace tasks related to material handling.

In predictability and recurring activities is opportunity! Manufacturers discovered this long ago. Since then — nearly 50 years! — automated transfer systems have been increasingly used to do all kinds of routine duties.

JBT, Turning Out the Best Robotics for Manufacturing

As long-time leaders in automation solutions, JBT has also been innovating robotics in manufacturing. Our full line of AGV equipment, management software, trusted services, and customer support have helped manufacturers around the globe take advantage of these opportunities.

In turn, JBT’s manufacturing customers are reaping the benefits of their advanced operations, like:

  • Substantial savings
  • Running at peak efficiency
  • Punctual delivery of process inputs
  • Timely removal of WIP and finished goods
  • Less waste
  • Flexibility and scalability to agilely respond to evolving demands 
  • Greater ability to deploy workers to higher-value roles

Manufacturing AGV Applications

Manufacturing activities run the gamut. Fortunately, manufacturing AGVs from JBT not only come in a wide variety — they’re incredibly adaptable and capable. You can do so much with them! That said, typical applications include:

  • Raw material delivery
  • Movement of work-in-process (WIP)
  • Transport of waste materials 
  • Removal of finished goods

Customizations are even available to accommodate awkward, unwieldy, or uniquely-shaped products.

Whether you opt for a 100% bespoke system or an off-the-shelf product, it’s easy to envision JBT solutions tackling to-dos in your plant. 

Top AGV Robotics for Manufacturing

JBT Forked AGV

Forked AGV

Connected, intelligent, secure, high-productivity automated solutions that enable modern food production facilities to thrive

Special Application AGVs

Special App AGVs

Optimized to address specific food-industry material handling challenges that are outside the scope of standard vehicles

JBT Towing AGV

Towing AGVs

Small, powerful towing vehicles that are built to last and haul up to 50,000 lb (22,600 kg) — that’s a lot of food!

JBT Unit Load Lift Deck AGV

Unit Load AGVs

“Top carriers” that are ideal for transferring your food business’s loads – on pallets and racks – to and from conveyors or stands

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a whole fleet of automated vehicles or just a couple of production AGVs — JBT has the hard-working, heavy-duty solutions you need. For even better results, JBT software and services optimize your equipment and operations. 

Smarter Engineering for Better Manufacturing

All JBT manufacturing AGVs are grounded in thoughtful design, based on the needs and feedback of manufacturers. As a result, we’ve intentionally integrated features and functionality to increase efficiency at your facility, extend the longevity of your hardware, maximize ROI, and more.

Here are some examples of our elegant design and engineering that make all this possible:

  • Crafted from the highest-grade materials using the best processes
  • Compatibility with other automated systems and machinery
  • Able to be tailored to your specifications
  • Quicker and easier to roll out
  • Easier to own and operate
  • Longer service life
  • Higher resale potential

Easy-Does-It Material Handling

Manufacturing environments can be chaotic and complex enough — without also having to sort out material handling logistics. Automated systems from JBT simplify the planning, coordination, and disposition of your factory’s equipment, goods and supplies, people and other resources, and production processes.

Outfitting your plant with purpose-built solutions streamlines manufacturing by:

  • Automating material handling
  • Featuring user-friendly controls
  • Requiring minimal up-front operator training
  • Reducing human error
  • Addressing your specific requirements

Having the correct equipment, integrated software, and superb support even makes reaching business goals — like product quality, productivity, or safety KPIs — easier. You can count on JBT systems to help you go above and beyond your most ambitious goals.

<H3>Production AGVs That Are Made to Last

Uptime all the time is a manufacturer’s dream. You need solutions you can rely on — day in, day out. After all, unplanned outages of your automated systems means production stops, orders are delayed, and workers are idle.

As a manufacturing business with rigorous automated systems demands, we know these high stakes well. That’s why our machines are built to withstand the most challenging jobs. JBT AGVs are sturdily constructed by master craftspeople with the best materials and techniques. 

This attention to long-lasting and supreme quality and all the precise points is tangible. You’ll experience:

  • Less and easier upkeep
  • Fewer and more moderate operational issues
  • Shorter interruptions caused by operational issues

Features & Benefits

There’s no shortage of useful features in JBT robotics. Each functional element on your AGVs enables your operations to be consistently efficient and secure.

  • Safety — Defined paths and routines plus on-board sensors and alerts protect workers, creating a less hazardous workplace
  • Reliability — Facilitate scheduling and production with controlled, predictable parts transportation
  • Precision — Accuracy and maneuverability reduce accidents, delivery errors, and waste
  • Flexibility — Adapts to suit incredibly varied applications and changing demands
  • Intelligence — Track inventory and interface with many types of racking (e.g., select, double-deep, twinload, drive-in, flow-through, pushback, and pallet shuttle) for max usability
  • Compatibility — Integrate with your ERP or WMS and other types of JBT AGVs for seamless operations
  • Tested — Sophisticated fleet-management system uptime 24x7x365 for more than a decade underscores reliability 
  • Customizability — Options and modifications available to accommodate irregular loads 
  • Uptime — Maintain productivity with no plant interruptions during installation 
  • Scalability — Able to expand existing fleet and integrate additional facilities globally as your business grows
  • Optimization — Maximizing productivity by improving operating efficiency and streamlining warehouse inventory management and workflow

If you have any questions about how JBT’s features can benefit your operations — let us know.

JBT Blank Handler AGV

Automated Solutions for All Your Needs

JBT’s capabilities go beyond the manufacturing sector. Our massive products and services offerings address countless automated systems needs, no matter the market. It’s how and why we’ve become the standard-bearer in these industries:

Because of our enviable status and reputation, companies around the globe leverage JBT automated systems. They’re enjoying tremendous success using our solutions for:

Your takeaway: JBT can supply you with the proper equipment, services, and support to get every task completed correctly.

JBT, Your Manufacturing Automation Partner

Look no further — JBT has your automated material handling needs met end-to-end.

A Better Way of Doing Things

At JBT, you’re not a sale, you’re a valued customer that we look forward to serving for a long time. We strive to create an enduring, collaborative relationship with you. This gives JBT a chance to get to know your needs so we can help you in a more thoughtful and holistic manner.

Connect with JBT Experts

We are known for our expertise and 35+ years of automated systems knowledge and experience. Make the most of this — contact us with any questions. Our skilled team is committed to being your go-to resource because we know manufacturing is challenging and ever-changing. And, sometimes, it’s that extra bit of assistance that helps you flourish.