Autonomous materials transport systems that improve safety, efficiency, productivity, and patient care while cutting operational costs

You’re here to heal the sick and mend the injured. All the operational aspects of running a healthcare center are just a means to those lofty ends.

And that’s absolutely the right focus for your facility. It’s also the reason you must collaborate with experts to make all the back-end happenings flow smoothly.

JBT’s goal is to help you provide world-class healthcare by making everything that’s going on “behind the curtain” work seamlessly, dependably, safely, and without mistakes. We accomplish this with our line of field-tested and proven ATLIS automated guided vehicles (AGVs):

  • ATLIS High-Profile – Provides maximum visibility for staff, patients, and visitors
  • ATLIS Low-Profile – Ideal for accessing carts stored in hard-to-reach areas
  • ATLIS Forked – More readily integrates with your existing fleet of carts

Your custom network of AGVs can take over the routine material deliveries required in your hospital. When integrated with JBT’s proprietary SGV Manager software, your individual vehicles are united into an advanced, high-performing Automated Transport System (ATS). 

In effect, your tailored ATS releases your highly-trained staff to spend their time directly caring for patients. No more manually pushing heavy carts down long corridors!

But that’s just the beginning of the benefits associated with having AGVs laboring in your medical center. JBT’s improve the security, cost structure, patient outcomes, and more. With the proper JBT automated systems implemented at your facility, you’ll achieve:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Greater delivery accuracy
  • Increased safety and cleanliness
  • Reduced costs
  • More predictable operations
  • Flexibility to adapt to shifting needs

As you can see, our AGVs deliver the safety and precision you must have and the logistical gains you’d like to have – all while controlling expenses. The combined effect is an increase in your capacity to better serve your patients.

A JBT Specialty: Healthcare ATLIS AGVs

JBT’s hospital AGVs are industry leaders for good reason. High-profile medical facilities – like Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Ohio State University Medical Center, and Minneapolis Veterans Health Care – choose us and our robotic systems because:

  • Our knowledge, experience, and automated systems prowess is well-earned and well-known. Notably, JBT has a perfect operational safety record – not a single recordable incident in more than 35 years of installing and supporting our AGVs!
  • Other companies give glowing references for JBT products, services, and support.
  • Customers love the intuitive usability and lifetime value of JBT equipment.
  • With JBT solutions deployed, you’ll soon see controlled costs, improved personnel safety, increased on-time delivery, improved cleanliness, and other positive operational changes. This means staff can direct more of their attention back to patients.

Our customers also appreciate that JBT has automated transfer systems suited to all kinds of applications. For instance, you can use your healthcare AGV for virtually every conceivable task. Typical applications include:

  • Moving hazardous or messy things like soiled bedding or food trays, bio waste, and used surgical instrumentation
  • Transporting sensitive items like blood or pharmaceuticals
  • Conveying time-critical supplies to operating rooms, sterilization facilities, and kitchens
  • Delivering clean linens or ready meals to patient towers and individual floors

You know JBT vehicles are heavy-duty, capable work horses. But, they function even better with our SGV Manager. This powerful software establishes a centralized command center so you can track your AGVs and materials and dispatch updated programming to one or multiple vehicles. It’s the best way to achieve seamless, reliable, secure operations for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Top AGV Products for the Healthcare Sector

Plus, we have software and services to optimize your equipment and operations.

Whether you need a fleet of vehicles or just need one healthcare AGV, you’re looking in the right place. JBT has what you require — check out our .

ATLIS, Because You Need the Best Brand

Just like people need doctors and medical systems they can trust, you need hospital AGVs that you can depend on. Equipment you can count upon frees you up to take better care of patients.

That’s why JBT’s ATLIS automatic guided vehicles are ideal for transporting materials throughout your healthcare facility. They’re robust and reliable – able to meet the rigors of the toughest environments and tasks. Plus, you’ll find our ATLIS AGVs easy-to-use, incredibly safe, and highly adaptable.

Patient Care Is Priority #1

There’s no room for downtime or errors – especially in the high-stakes field of medicine. When your processes and procedures go sideways, people can get hurt. This is not to mention the costs of less-than-efficient operations.

Automated systems are like life-improving reconstructive surgery – offering up big changes and greatly improved results. In the healthcare context, this often translates into caregivers and administration getting great bandwidth to assist patients and their families. And isn’t that the whole point of having a medical center, to provide quality care to those who need it?

At JBT, we’re completely aligned with that. To help your staff break free from routine, lower-payoff activities – so they can attend to patients – we’ve designed our AGVs to be easy to use, easy to own, and so easy to fit to the diverse and evolving activities of your health facility.

Built for Safety

Machines that cause problems don’t solve problems. And injuries to the people crossing paths with automated equipment is no exception.

For this reason, JBT has honed in on design factors that not only mitigate safety concerns related to the vehicles, but also vastly improve other safety markers. Here are some examples:

  • Each vehicle is equipped with front and rear sensors. These allow for 360° collision prevention and help protect people moving in the vicinity of our AGVs.
  • The color touch-screen on each AGV is menu-driven, making it simple to safely interact with individual vehicles. It makes for quick, straightforward interaction.
  • Our healthcare AGVs are very maneuverable so they can easily stow out of the way of foot and equipment traffic.
  • Delivery accuracy and timeliness provided by JBT vehicles reliably gets critical supplies to their point-of-use. Fewer delays, the right materials at the correct place, and so on could favorably tip the scales in a life-or-death situation.

Features & Benefits

With so much functionality onboard, your healthcare AGVs easily take on hazardous, repetitive, or tedious tasks. It frees you to deploy your resources to where they can make a bigger, more meaningful impact.

  • Safety – Defined paths and routines plus on-board sensors and alerts protect workers, creating a less hazardous workplace
  • Reliability – Facilitate scheduling and production with controlled, predictable parts transportation
  • Precision – Accuracy and maneuverability reduce accidents, delivery errors, and waste
  • Flexibility – Adapts to suit incredibly varied applications and changing demands
  • Intelligence – Track inventory and interface with many types of racking (e.g., select, double-deep, twinload, drive-in, flow-through, pushback, and pallet shuttle) for max usability
  • Compatibility – Integrate with your ERP or WMS and other types of JBT AGVs for seamless operations
  • Tested – Sophisticated fleet-management system uptime 24x7x365 for more than a decade underscores reliability
  • Customizability – Options and modifications available to accommodate irregular loads
  • Uptime – Maintain productivity with no plant interruptions during installation
  • Scalability – Able to expand existing fleet and integrate additional facilities globally as your business grows
  • Optimization – Maximizing productivity by improving operating efficiency and streamlining warehouse inventory management and workflow

Contact us today with any questions about how these features benefit your business.


End-to-End Automated Systems Solutions

JBT’s extensive range of products and services enables us to meet a variety of business activities and challenges. As such, we serve many industries:

Companies worldwide are successfully employing JBT’s automated systems in countless ways, including:

When you work with JBT, the prognosis is better than just good. We can supply the right equipment, services, and support for you to get all those critical jobs done properly, safely, cost effectively, and in a timely manner.

JBT, the Right Healthcare AGV Prescription for You

JBT is ready to fill the Rx for all your automated transport system requirements. We’re the specialists, so there’s really no need to keep searching for another materials handling automation supplier.

Exemplary Bedside Manner

We demand this of our doctors – so why shouldn’t you demand this of your healthcare partners, too?

At JBT, you’re not a sale, you’re a valued long-term customer who’s doing invaluable work in your community. Because of this, we work hard to build a productive relationship with your team. This lets us learn about your needs and serve you better today and in the future. We think you’ll find this approach is an easy pill to swallow.

JBT Expertise On Call

JBT’s been in the automated vehicles industry for over 35 years and in the healthcare industry since 1990. We’ve learned a lot about robotics and healthcare along the way. This is a strategic advantage for you – use it! Our accumulated knowledge and experience means JBT’s certified technicians and skilled support staff are ready to be your go-to resources.

We provide this deep support because we know running a medical facility is anything but facile. If our assistance can help – it’s a win-win-win for your organization, your patients, and JBT. Feel free to contact us with questions or support requests. We’ll take good care of you!