Consumer goods manufacturing equipment to automate material handling and streamline your operations

Everyday essentials don’t just materialize out of thin air. It takes an immense amount of planning and production effort to create these must-have goods and get them to where they need to be efficiently.

And, with the break-neck pace of modern society, this must get done efficiently to meet dynamic and voluminous demands. Thankfully, you’re not laboring alone.

JBT’s right there in the so-called trenches with you. Using our consumer goods AGVs will set you up for a lean, smooth-running operation. You’ll be ready and able to flex and meet market shifts — all while constraining costs

Within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, JBT is a known leader. Our decades of experience and diversified installation base translates into smarter problem solving and a broader and deeper understanding of the FMCG manufacturing process. That’s why the world’s most prominent FMCG companies trust us to convey their goods through the entire production cycle. 

They’re using JBT automated solutions for applications like:

From diapers to toothpaste — and everywhere in between — our AGVs connect your material handling functions to the rest of your consumer goods operation.

JBT Consumer Goods AGVs, The Smart Choice

Getting goods out of the shipping bay quickly is only possible with on-point systems in your facility. Automating with JBT solutions is a proven way to achieve just that: safe, precise, productive manufacturing and material handling. It’s a value proposition you can’t bet:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less product damage
  • Boosted efficiency
  • More operational flexibility
  • Better material tracking
  • Improved safety

More than just machinery, JBT’s customer service, innovation, experience, and range of options make us the best option for your fast-moving consumer goods AGV needs.

Top Consumer Goods Industry AGVs

Take one or many — you’ll be outfitting your plant with world-class JBT robotic vehicles.

JBT has the heavy-duty, high-performing equipment you need. Plus, with our software and services, you can achieve even better results in your facility.

Better Solutions Mean Better Operations

Thoughtful details are built into all JBT products. Our FMCG AGVs are no exception. We’ve incorporated best practices, customer feedback, and the latest in materials and production techniques to create solutions that maximize ROI and improve operational excellence in your factory.

Here are just some of the downstream benefits of our intentional engineering that you’ll appreciate:

  • Made from the highest-quality materials using superior methods
  • Easily integrates with other automated systems and equipment
  • Able to be customized to your particular operation
  • Simpler, quicker rollout
  • Easier to use and maintain
  • Extended machine longevity
  • Industry-leading resale value

But don’t stop with picking up some JBT AGVs. Go the extra distance to ensure your whole system performs optimally. Our installation and design teams — who have decades of experience — can help you implement total solutions in ways that make the most sense for your needs.

Automated Systems You Can Count On

You can be confident that your JBT solutions are built to last. Given the evolving requirements and need for reliable, quick turns — this peace of mind is indispensable.

JBT’s AGVs can handle the most rigorous and repetitive use. They’re durably constructed by skilled craftspeople using the best materials and techniques. You’ll soon see that our focus on reliability pays off in real ways, such as:

  • Minimal and simpler maintenance
  • Fewer and less severe service issues
  • Less frequent and shorter disruptions due to operational issues

Solutions that Grow With You

Having solutions that can adapt to your specific situation is critical:

  • Your business is one-of-a-kind and probably not the same today as it will be tomorrow.
  • Automation needs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Requirements change as consumer demands develop.

At JBT, we fully understand — it’s why we offer an extensive assortment of products, software, and services. You’ll find ample opportunities for right-sizing our automated systems to the scale and scope of your business. 

You can start small and simple and add capabilities and complexity over time. It’s not uncommon for a company to initiate automation efforts with a lone AGV making A-to-B movements and later shifting into high gear with an integrated, multi-AGV system that’s controlled by our SGV Manager software.

Features & Benefits

JBT certainly didn’t skimp or cut corners when it came to decking out our AGVs with features. All this functionality reduces the effort needed to get your work done more accurately, safely, and cost-effectively.

  • Standardization — Uniformity of processes, rules, vehicle design, software interfaces, machine interfaces for ease of ownership
  • Stability — Cutting-edge technology enables maintaining near-flawless inventory control
  • Precision — Accuracy and maneuverability reduce accidents, delivery errors, and waste
  • Flexibility — Adapts to suit incredibly varied applications and changing demands
  • Intelligence — Track inventory and interface with many types of racking (e.g., select, double-deep, twinload, drive-in, flow-through, pushback, and pallet shuttle) for max usability
  • Compatibility — Integrate with your ERP or WMS and other types of JBT AGVs for seamless operations
  • Tested — Sophisticated fleet-management system uptime 24x7x365 for more than a decade underscores our reliability 
  • Customizability — Options and modifications available to accommodate irregular loads 
  • Uptime — Maintain productivity with no plant interruptions during installation 
  • Scalability — Able to expand your existing fleet and integrate additional facilities globally as your business grows
  • Safety — Defined paths and routines plus on-board sensors and alerts protect workers, creating a less hazardous workplace
  • Reliability — Facilitate scheduling and production with controlled, predictable parts transportation
  • Optimization — Maximizing productivity by improving operating efficiency and streamlining warehouse inventory management and workflow
  • Support — Global support staff to help as needed

Let us know if you have questions about how our AGV features can benefit your operations.


All the Automation You Need

JBT’s automation capacity extends beyond the realm of the FGMC industry. Our many products and services can address a multitude of production requirements. Because of our vast capabilities, we’ve successfully implemented solutions across a variety of industries, like:

JBT offers the total package — extensive offerings, admirable reputation, equipment track record, etc. Due to this well-earned cachet, companies around the world are using and thriving with our automated systems. Similarly, you can leverage JBT machinery, services, and support to level up your operations.

JBT, Your Partner in Automated Systems

JBT’s your single source for more than just equipment. With services, planning, troubleshooting, and long-term support, we can satisfy all of your end-to-end automation needs. We make every step of the process easy and hassle-free.

Focused on Your Business 

You are a valued customer, not a tally mark on a sales report. That’s why JBT is so diligent in our efforts to build a long-lasting relationship with you. It’s the best way to develop an understanding of your venture and offer expectations-exceeding solutions for today and tomorrow.

Connect with Our Experts 

With over 50 years of automated systems experience under our belt, JBT is a true industry leader. Our skilled and knowledgeable team looks forward to helping you tackle the ever-changing operational challenges you face. Together, you can reach levels of success not otherwise possible. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can assist you.