Rugged performance, improved efficiency

Our gypsum board AGVs simplify your operations while increasing your productivity.

Our AGVs are built to withstand even the harshest indoor environments and are specifically designed to handle various board types that make transporting materials more effortless. The vehicle’s flat, tapered forks handle unpalletized loads, preventing individual boards from slipping. With a lifting height capacity of about 14 feet, the board transport AGV can stack loads and place them on the floor.

The vehicles tolerate dust, interface with other automated equipment, and navigate well in deep lane storage. JBT’s 360⁰ obstacle detection prevents collisions while keeping your operation going. This allows you to stay focused on keeping up with demand and improving efficiency to support your future growth.

Software Designed to Perform

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SGV Manager software optimizes your material movement system. By communicating directly with your fleet of vehicles, it makes intelligent decisions and prioritizes tasks. Providing complete vehicle control, SGV Manager creates harmonious movement across your entire system.

From interfacing with doors for emergency procedures, SGV Manager actively manages the system for maximum productivity and efficiency, whether you operate 2-20-50-100 or more vehicles in a single plant. It manages the operations for you.


  • End of line / Stacker
  • Warehouse to Staging
  • Storage & Retrieval
  • Trailer Loading / Unloading

Equipment & Interfaces

VLAN Network Diagram

JBT can easily integrate with your hospital software interfaces

System Interfaces

IT & Security

Cybersecurity threats are rampant, and the complications that come with these threats can be devastating to a business. JBT takes security seriously and has taken steps to ensure that our customers are always protected.

Below are the measures we have set in place.


SGV Manager audited to OWASP top 10
​​​​​​The OWASP Top 10 is a regularly updated list highlighting the 10 most critical security concerns for web application security. The list is published by a team of security experts from all over the world, and the data comes from several organizations and is then analyzed. Being audited to OWASP standards ensures good programming practices and improves security when writing source code.

SGV Manager penetration test performed by Rapid 7
An annual Rapid7 Penetration Test simulates a real-world attack on an SGV system, testing networks, applications, and devices to demonstrate the security level of key systems and infrastructure, and provides feedback to strengthen it.

SOC 2 Type 2 Audit 
SOC 2 certification requires an annual third-party audit by an accredited firm that assesses the effectiveness of security processes and procedures by observing operations. JBT completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit in April 2022, demonstrating JBT’s commitment to security and best practices.

JBT is pursuing the ISO 27001 certification
ISO 27001 is the accepted global benchmark certification. An accredited, external auditing firm will fully audit JBT every three years to demonstrate the effectiveness of JBT’s information security management system (ISMS). The intermediate years will have partial audits to ensure continuous compliance with ISO standards.

JBT is pursuing the ISO 27001 certification to demonstrate that JBT has invested in the people, processes, and technology (e.g., tools and systems) to protect JBTs data and provides an independent, expert assessment that JBT’s data is sufficiently protected.


  • Monitor Microsoft SRC website for updates


  • Download all patches to JBT test servers
  • Test SGV Manager against patches


  • Scan SGV Manager code with static code analyzer
  • Review and correct any issues discovered


  • External Agency Audit (SOC 2 Type 2 +ISO)
  • Penetration test
agv security

Generated Data Analytics, KPI’s and Reports

Optimize your operations with JBT’sfleet utilization metrics.