Manufacturing of paper, textile, flooring, roofing and many other flat substrates produces rolls/reels at the exit of the process. These rolls must then be moved from the forming or primary processing machines to other machines for further processing and then on to storage.  Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are often used to automate movement of the rolls/reels between these processing stages and into the warehouse.    

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate roll damage due to handling
  • Reduce order errors caused by delivery of the wrong rolls to processing machines
  • Eliminate machine damage from manual vehicle impact
  • Increase secondary processing machine up-time with delivery of undamaged rolls
  • Eliminate need for overhead crane


  • Roll lengths up to 250″ (635 cm)
  • Roll diameters up to 120″ (305 cm)
  • Roll weights up to 20,000 lb (9,000 kg)

Options & Models

  • AGVs used in roll handling include:
  • Forked
  • Clamp
  • Custom
  • Unit load