One of the most common applications for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), automated movement of pallets makes your operation run smoother. The standard design and uniformity of pallets make them a natural load for automation. Even though the exact dimensions and weights of the final pallet loads may vary, all standard sizes fall well within the capabilities of our standard forked and unit load AGVs. Many manufacturing and distribution facilities have automated their very routine, repetitive pallet movements. 

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce product damage with precise vehicle and load positioning
  • Minimize labor costs and reassign labor to more value added tasks
  • Improve safety with controlled acceleration, deceleration and obstacle detection


  • Applies equally well to CHEP, GMA, Euro, reusable plastic, and other standard pallets
  • Carrying multiple pallets on each trip is an advantage and reduces the AGV fleet size and system cost

Options & Models

  • Automatic fork adjustment is available if a variety of pallets are handled having differently positioned fork openings
  • Camera based pallet identification system allows handling pallets with openings covered with stretch wrap material