Engineering Studies

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Many potential customers know they can benefit from automatic guided vehicle (AGV) automation, but lack the time and knowledge to evaluate where to start, what processes to target, and how to develop a cost-effective approach. In order to help alleviate these issues, we offer AGV engineering studies to help you evaluate your current and future goals so that you can develop an automation plan that will maximize your return. Leveraging our persisting  installation sucess, which includes many applications that use standard and custom vehicle types and span across key industry segments, we take a unique perspective and analyze your challenges. Our engineering studies typically include some or all of the following tasks.

  • Analyzing your production data to accurately define material storage and flow requirements
  • Reviewing facility layout to suggest process improvements or changes that will smooth material flow
  • Evaluating potential vehicle types, distances, speeds, battery charging strategies, etc. to develop an accurate vehicle count and supporting system that will achieve the material handling goals.
  • Estimating system throughput using spreadsheet calculations or a computer model built to simulate your system’s operation
  • Preparing a detailed estimate of costs for single or multi-phased implementation plan


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