Automated Material Handling Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

No Driver? No problem. 

Reduce labor needs, accidents, and downtime and improve overall safety by transforming material movement and warehousing with JBT’s Automated Guided Vehicles.

What if the right materials arrived at the right place, at the right time, just in time, every time—with no labor involved? That’s the idea behind JBT’s Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), which replace conventional forklifts and drivers with connected, intelligent, safe, and efficient autonomous forklifts that have revolutionized and streamlined operations and improved profitability across multiple industries. 

JBT AGV Solutions

Designed and continually improved with feedback from real-world environments and customers, the AGV system goes beyond the technology-forward systems that run each AGV. Not only do AGVs carefully move product from A to B while scanning and reacting to obstacles and people with thoughtful movements, but they also feed to a central system location information for everything they touch. 

This complete system drives a flexible warehousing strategy that can allow for efficient manufacturing strategies including lean, sequencing, FIFO delivery, automatic pull, and just-in-time – all with minimal labor needs. 


Automated Warehousing and Distribution

Reduce accidents and delivery errors while streamlining warehouse inventory management and workflow. Applications can be as varied as storing raw materials, delivering materials to production lines, and loading and unloading trailers. JBT AGV systems can track inventory and interface with many types of racking, including select, double-deep, twinload, drive-in, flow-through, pushback, and pallet shuttle. Our systems also fully integrate with your ERP or WMS.

Warehouse and Distribution Industries

Material Handling Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Production-line environments require accurate and on-time delivery of materials. JBT’s AGV systems do just that with raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. From moving incoming materials for storage to loading trailers for transport, and everything in-between, our AGVs do the job safely every time without complaint or calling in sick.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Driverless Forklifts for Food/Beverage Product Transport

Whether it’s moving loads full of incoming product to the production floor, or transporting pallets of outgoing goods to be loaded into trucks, JBT’s AGV-based systems offer complete solutions in the food and beverage industry. JBT AGVs excel in harsh environments that prove challenging to humans, like sub-zero cold-storage areas or damp production environments.

Food and Beverage Industries

Healthcare Automated Supply Delivery System

Free hospital staff to focus on patients by offloading the movement of food, medicine, surgical supplies, trash, medical waste, and other items to JBT’s ATLIS automated material transport system. Robotically controlled vehicles deliver and keep track of various supplies while navigating the hospital floors alongside caregivers–operating doors, elevators, and more. More than 50 systems and 500 ATLIS vehicles at customer installations around the globe have saved more than $400 million so far.

Healthcare Industry


  • Social Distancing – Reduce dependency on labor for material movement.  Use labor for only value added key job functions. Keep material handlers out of work areas.
  • Supply Chain Security – Automation reduces risk of labor staffing shortages especially when using local sourcing that might be more susceptible to short term changes. As more suppliers and distributors automate, the entire supply chain becomes more robust. 
  • Reshoring Manufacturing – As you consider your strategy involving which products will be made and where, the competitive landscape has and will continue to change. We expect more products to be made locally and to do that competitively, AGVs represent a solution. AGVs will reduce the impact of higher local labor costs and labor shortages.
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