Cargo Transfer Transport Trailers (CTTT)

Cargo Transfer Transport Trailer (CTTT)
JBT supplies militaries around the world with a highly maneuverable transport trailer for use in cargo handling. The trailer is equipped with jacks allowing it to adjust from the C130 up to the C-17 load deck heights. The CTTT can transport up to 13,600kg (30,000lbs). It is available with a diesel powered hydraulic option and is air-transportable on a C-130.
  • Interchangeable handrails
  • Heavy-duty roller track for ISO Containers and pallets
  • Turntable steering
  • C-17 staging can be used for pallet building and storage
  • Low maintenance overrun brakes
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Air-transportable by C-130
  • Diesel powered hydraulic options

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