Cost effective, air-transportable, rugged military cargo loaders from JBT. We offer a range of cargo loaders from three pallet 25K to five pallet 50K loaders. Offering high-lift capability, the JBT Halvorsen and Atlas cargo and pallet loaders can service aircraft from the AN 295, C 130, C17, A400M up to civilian B747 cargo aircraft.  Proven reliability in combat operation zones and humanitarian missions throughout the globe, in varied climatic conditions.

Atlas 4 and 5 Pallet Loaders

Our Atlas K Loader is capable of loading aircraft up to main deck B747 at most airfields worldwide.

Halvorsen 3 Pallet Loaders

We have delivered over 500 Halvorsen 25K Loaders to the U.S. military and international forces worldwide.

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