Product Category

Expediter 160, 310 and 600 towbarless tractors provide pushback and maintenance towing operations for commercial aircraft. Each model is capable of safely and efficiently moving aircraft ranging from the A320 and B737 up to the A380. 

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic aircraft recognition provides fail-safe aircraft pick-up operations
  • Step-by-step pick up and release instructions on PLC screen guide the operator
  • Yaw stabilizing braking system inhibits jack knifing, protecting tractor and aircraft
  • Spacious cab provides comfortable ride for driver and two crew members
  • Oversteer alerting device assists driver in protecting aircraft during towing operations


  • Maximum driving speed of 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Hydrostatic drive with dynamic braking
  • Spring suspended drive axles/fixed rear axles
  • PLC controlled with PDM screen detailing operating status, instructions and system diagnostics to help identify maintenance issues quickly

Options & Models

  • Air conditioning
  • Integral ground power units (GPUs)
  • Aircraft illumination strobe lights
  • Laser pointing device
  • Intercom jacks and cable system