LEKTRO® Aircraft Tow & Pushback Equipment

LEKTRO, from JBT, is a world-leading aircraft pushback tug available in all-electric or diesel-electric hybrid models.  Ideal for airport ramp towing or for use in hangar applications, the LEKTRO tow tractor is available in models designed to move small, piston powered airplanes (15,000 pounds / 6,800kg) up to commercial jets, such as the B757 (280,000 pounds / 127,000kg).  The LEKTRO tug is a towbarless design with a unique strap and cradle nose landing gear pick-up system minimizes stress on aircraft nose gear and is suitable for one person operation.
  • Fitted with the “strap and cradle” nose gear pick-up system, the LEKTRO tugs are designed for one-person operations with not hard, mechanical grasping of the nose landing gear.
  • Designed to tow aircraft on the ramp, in the hangar, in all weather conditions
  • Snow plow options available
  • Models are available with 1, 2, or 3 seats, with open or fully-enclosed cabs, and dual helms
  • Highly maneuverable, with Operator-assist features to facility aircraft towing
  • Diesel-hybrid designs available for extended towing range on the airport ramp
  • All-electric designs for clean, reliable performance
  • Easy access to all components
  • Available with charging units and automatic battery water feeds
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Robust, corrosion resistant polyurethane paint system
  • World-class technical and parts support
  • Maintenance-free tires optional
  • Simple strap and cradle landing gear pick-up system

"LEKTRO is one of the best additions to the AVJET family. The design and innovations of the vehicle makes towing aircrafts a smooth, safe and easy operation. The LEKTRO products along with the support from LEKTRO themselves has increased our operational efficiency as well as safety for our clients. We received positive feedback from our clients and it increases our confidence and satisfaction in using LEKTRO!" – Lily Sim, Avjet Asia

Aircraft towing, on the ramp or in the hangar, requires power, precision, and finesse.  The LEKTRO aircraft pushback tractor from JBT combines all three capabilities. 


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