Product Category

JBT supplies defense departments around the world with a highly maneuverable, air-transportable, deployable passenger stair option. Designed for single-person operations, the stair ranges from a 94” up to a 224” height range. The stair is suitable for interface with KC-135, KC-46, B-747 and other aircraft passenger doors. 

Easy to Use

  • Single person operations
  • Hydrostatic drive incorporating integral braking
  • Powered stair elevation and retraction
  • Telescoping design for low operational foot-print
  • Retractable tiller arm

Ideal for Defense Forward Deployed Operations

  • Air transportable in C-130, IL76, C-17 or similar
  • Stabilizers for safe operations even in windy conditions
  • Low voltage, maintenance-free LED stair lighting
  • Automatic bypass valve for unit towing