Product Category

JetAire ECS (Bleed Air) and compressed air carts from JBT provide compressed air for general utility and for environmental control systems (ECS), engine start, and systems checks for fighter aircraft in extreme environments up to 140ºF (60ºC). The Helios diesel powered cart provides compressed air for ECS, engine starts, and other systems checks for the F15 fighter and other defense aircraft. The Zephyr is a general utility, diesel powered, compressed air cart.

Features & Benefits

  • Some models are F15 compatible
  • Designed for testing Environmental Control Systems (ECS), on-board controls, and engine starts
  • Pressures 276 – 290 kPa
  • Flows 45 kg/min – 182 kg / min
  • Diesel powered
  • Ambients up to 140ºF (60ºC)

Options & Models

  • Helios:  Compressed air for ECS, engine starts, systems checks
  • Zephyr:  Diesel powered utility compressed air